Helping Change Happen.

Change is inevitable in all of our lives and a major change like moving house can be very traumatic and stressful. There is so much to do and to think about, especially if you are selling your family home to downsize, have been though a health challenge or are recently separated or bereaved. 

Perhaps retirement has arrived, and you are looking for a change of lifestyle or moving to a new area to be nearer to family and loved ones?  Wherever you are in the decision-making process and whatever your situation, Come Monday is here to help you.

Come Monday is a domestic planning and project management service.  We can be with you from beginning to end. 

Imagine the time, effort and hassle you can save with us by your side. You don’t have to go searching for contractors or asking for recommendations from family and friends – we have preferred suppliers, each and every one vetted and trustworthy and it is our job to keep the whole project on track and on time.

With Come Monday we save you time and effort and reduce the stress of a downsize or move.

The Process

Our process takes you from your first plan to move, right through to settling in to your new home.
Plan your first step

We can help you evaluate your needs, research the best options for you and join you in visiting and fact finding missions. Our experience means we can ask the right questions for you.


Whether it's a small project like a single room or garage, perhaps it's a larger project with multiple rooms, we can take the stress out of it for you. We help with cleaning, storage solutions and curating and culling possessions.

Finding your new home

Once you have decided on your move, we are with you to help you negotiate a lease or sale, organise your finance and help you with conveyancing and other legal requirements.

Packing icon
Pack and move

Once you’ve organised your home and your possessions, we can assist with gifting or selling unwanted items. We source boxes, arrange storage and movers, even pack and unpack so it’s all ready for you to settle in.

Organise contractors

We have a network of preferred suppliers, each and every one vetted and trustworthy and it is our job to keep the whole project on track and on time.

Style and sell

We style your property , clean the house and garden, make minor repairs and replace items like carpets and paint. Then we meet agents and are by your side through the entire sale and settlement process.

About Jen


Hi I’m Jen Roush.

I have been working with people of all ages and from all walks of life for well over twenty years. 

In my early career, I was a Business Education teacher.  I held various middle management roles in secondary schools (state schools and private) during my fifteen years of teaching.  For the last eight years I have been working in human resources. 

My years of experience dealing with people, often during challenging and emotionally trying times means I am well able to support my clients and their loved ones through what can be a stressful and overwhelming time in their life.

I have always been the sort of person to clean out other people’s cupboards for fun.  The company I was most recently working for has moved premises twice in four years.  Both times I was part of the team charged with helping the company move all its equipment (and its 70+ staff members) from one location to another. Involved in this process was the culling, packing and moving of all belongings and furniture as well as the finalisation of the old premises for return to the building owner and the sale of surplus furniture and equipment.  For a lot of people this sounds dreadful, however I really enjoy the challenge of this type of project planning as I believe that moving, if done in a structured, planned and organised way, can be a cathartic and renewing experience.  

I love nothing better than that feeling of peace and contentment you get when your home is clean, tidy and ordered.  I can help you get to a place where your home is your sanctuary and I can teach you how to maintain this feeling forever.


We have a price point to suit most budgets, from a few hours to a full move.
Hourly from $149ph
  • Our process starts with an efficiency consultation with you and your loved ones. Having collectively determined your outcomes, we can talk to you about your options.
Bespoke from $99ph

  • A bespoke package allows us to tailor your entire project to your needs and to your budget, taking all of the elements of your project into consideration. From a mini reno to a full move.
Gift Vouchers
  • We offer gift vouchers for those who want to splash out and help a friend. $100 will buy an efficiency consultation, $250 might pay for a quick wardrobe tidy or $500 buys a room makeover.


You can take our word for it or read what others have to say

I can’t believe how much we got done on Jen’s first visit – more than I has possibly hoped.  Jen’s time is really worth the monet and I’ll be getting her back regularly to keep me on track.  Lea


Jen recently assisted me in helping an elderly friend move from a unit into a nursing home.  Jen was caring, compassionate, co-operative, organised and quick in all phases of what that entailed.  From packing up, dealing with listing agents, inspections, furniture removal and so much more. I would recommend her if you need help to move, downsize or simply declutter. Lyn 



Between 2014 and 2018 QTAC moved premises twice..  The company had decades of print resources to cull, scan and organise.  In addition, the move required physically relocating the company’s equipment, furniture and belongings of more than 70 members of staff. 

Jen was responsible for communicating information about the move and ensuring that staff were positive and looking at the move as an adventure, rather than a threat, supervising the culling, rationalising and scanning of decades of paper records and other QTAC property and overseeing key parts of the physical move to make sure QTAC was ready for business on Monday morning.  Jen’s key role however was overseeing the process to make good the old premises prior to handover and supervising movers and tradespeople.

I am personally grateful to Jen for all her efforts to ensure that the moves were smooth, efficient and well communicated.  She performed a wide range of tasks – everything from coordinating the pack up and move to vacuuming into the night so the building was ready when the staff arrived for work on Monday morning.

I would warmly recommend Jen for any domestic or commercial projects involving organisation, decluttering and space  transformation.  Raylene Boulter, QTAC Chief Operating Officer


I just wanted to write a quick letter to thank you so much for all your help with cleaning out the 2 boys’ rooms and reorganising everything else around the house. Previously there was clutter and gear everywhere and nowhere for them to play in their rooms. Now they love being in their own spaces and are even attempting to keep them clean of their own accord! The living, dining and kitchen area is so much cleaner, brighter and neater now that it makes the house feel so open and fresh. Again, thank you so much for your patience and help. It made something that I had been dreading a painless task. David


Jen’s help organising my walk-in wardrobe was invaluable.  It has gone from a disorderly shambles to a well set out, easy to manage space. It was a massive task but her good humour and positivity made a huge difference. Thanks Jen.  Paul


Jen, thank you for your help setting up my kitchen following my renovations. Everything is now near at hand and easy to
find. It’s a joy to cook now. Regards. Alison 


To say Jen is organised is a huge understatement. She listens to what you want and makes it happen in a no-fuss fashion. Jen is a cleaning, packing and organising expert who had our place ready to move in no time at all. Thanks for your help Jen!. John

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