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Who knew that you could learn things from TV?  Apart from Sir David Attenborough and other documentaries the TV landscape always seemed to me to be a bit barren in terms of increasing the old IQ.  However, I learnt something watching Instinct on TV last week.  It is a great show – give it a watch if you get a chance.

In my last post I talked about change as a constant and the need to lean in to the changing world as opposed to standing still and fighting the inevitable.  ‘Instinct’ referenced the work of Harvard Professor Svetlana Boyn who has determined that there are two types of nostalgia – reflective and restorative. Reflective nostalgia is looking back fondly (and sometimes longingly – that’s ok) at the good old days while restorative nostalgia makes you want to cling to these times and in essence, keep everything as it was, or STAY in the past.

Nostalgia is great – looking back to past times is a useful process.  Who we are is the culmination of our past decisions, relationships and experiences.  All the nostalgia and backward glancing in the world, however, is not going to stop the world changing.  You can’t stop the world turning – trust me – as a middle-aged woman with control issues, I’ve tried! So, if you can’t stop the world turning – control what you can – your attitude.

All changes can have a positive.  I know when people die or you get older and have to move it seems like there is nothing good about the situation but always try to look for the joy.  When someone you love dies, remember how special that person was and honour them by being happy if you can.  Look at change as an opportunity, a challenge and a chance to grow.  Head up, look to the future, keep going and the joy will find you.

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