Its a puzzling world

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The world today is a bit puzzling.

There are big movements to tackle climate change; however, we consume and buy more than ever and the manufacture of this ‘stuff’ ruins the environment.   We have made huge steps forward to recognise people’s right to be who they are and to love whoever they love yet social media has given us the anonymity to post the most vitriolic things about others (and some do not hesitate to spread hate if you do something they don’t like or agree with)
We are more image conscious than ever. Tattoos, tanning, teeth whitening and don’t get me started on those spider eyelashes – yet, as a society, we are more unhealthy than ever.

We do things for photos to post on social media instead using photos to remind us of a fun time. It’s the new existential dilemma – if you had a good time and it’s not on social media – did it happen?

We post photos of ‘perfect’ lives but don’t take the time to work on our relationships or organise our existence.

We have more ‘friends’ yet less connection. Anyone else confused?

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