Lean in… and get some sand in your togs

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My mother always says the only sure things in life are death and taxes. This is very true however I think a modern update to this saying is the only sure think in life is death, taxes and change. I started my career as a business education teacher and in my first year I was teaching typing on typewriters (electric ones – I am not that old…). I remember the ‘invention’ of the internet and going to professional development sessions on how to use this exciting new technology in the classroom. Since then the internet and other technologies have changed the world we live in immeasurably. My mum and I often wonder what her parents would make of the world today if they were still alive.

Change has always happened; however the pace of change nowadays (just saying that makes me sound old!) is so fast it can make you head spin. If change is constant and it is going to happen with or without our input then we need to look at what we can control – our attitude.

When I am overwhelmed a wise friend often tells me to ‘lean in’. Her analogy is when you are swimming in the surf and all is churning around, you can stand still and get pushed around, dumped and get sand in your togs or you can lean in to the wave. Leaning in involves looking at the horizon, seeing the wave (change) and doing what you can to be ready for it. Even if you are leaning in you will sometimes get dumped (change sometimes sucks) but at least you will meet it head on and on your terms.

Lean in to life. Look up, see change, prepare for it, embrace it if you can. Don’t let the wave catch you unawares as then you may get pushed around and lose your footing and there is nothing worse than getting sand in your togs.

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