Everyone needs a plan for later retirement.

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Everyone has a different “ideal” retirement. Some people want to be on hand to help with their grand-children, others want to travel frequently, while many want to participate actively in their communities.

But have you thought about how your needs in retirement will change over time with your changing health, finances and family?

Too few people think about what they want in later retirement. If you want to remain in your current home, now is the time to identify the resources that will make this practical in terms of home maintenance and daily support. If you would prefer to move into assisted living or a retirement community, now is the time to identify options and evaluate them in terms of location, level of support, and facilities.

Many people put off considering their future care needs – it can be an uncomfortable thing to contemplate. But the result is that the loss of a loved one or an episode of poor health forces a quick decision. By planning early you can ensure that your future is in your hands.

Nothing will clarify your priorities more than writing them down. Make sure you fully understand your private financial resources, any government entitlements, and the costs of various options. Consult with those closest to you so that everyone is on the same page.

It would be understandable if this feels a bit overwhelming. If it does, don’t hesitate to reach out to others for help. Whether you speak to friends and family or to an expert, there are resources available to help you plan for every stage of retirement.

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